About DataCAD

DataCAD is a software developed especially for architects. As such, it contains everything an architect requires and is also built in a way that is easy to use even for the most novice user.

The software works in two-dimensional and three-dimensional and enables complex calculations, printing charts and certifications for all possible architectural needs.


Working in 2D

Working in 3D



DataCAD is an AEC (Architecture, Engineering of Construction) software, highly professional belonging to CADD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting) family, developed in the United States in 1984 for the purpose of planning and architectural drawing, creating 3D simulations, and producing constructive documentation. Being a software developed by professionals from design and construction field, DataCAD is an easy-to-learn and user-friendly software that gives architects, interior designers and engineers all the professional tools necessary to produce programs and simulations in 2D and 3D, while maintaining simplicity and ease of work. DataCAD is meticulous in being always “on the lookout” and constantly improving the software – every two years a new version is released, each version being updated regularly in order to streamline the work on the software and listen to the customers’ feelings and needs.

Working with DataCAD software is tens times faster and more efficient when compared to other software in the field, and you can start sketching already after just few lessons!
DataCAD is a flexible program for planning and designing which allows you to easily draw the most complex designs. The drawing and editing commands are accessible and immediate, through the icons or through a variety of convenient and efficient keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. Unlike other software, with DataCAD your work flows without any efforts, with almost no complicated lines of commands, conversation windows, or complicated instructions. The software is very intuitive and straight forward, and once you’ve learn the basic commands, you can begin drawing and producing professional results already in the early stages of learning.

The work is carried out in ordered layers, with “snapshots” that produce organized work plans at any given moment.

DataCAD can be used according to the municipality or government procedures and it is easy to edit sketches and plans according to the those procedure, after downloading the appropriate updates from the site.

DataCAD software is priced very attractively and conveniently, for either first time purchase, or its upgrading policy down the road. Students who wish to purchase the software can purchase a full, legal version at a huge special discounted price (by presenting a valid student card or payment voucher at a recognized academic institution). There is no longer a need for usage of trial version that are period-limited or illegal hacked software !

DataCAD Advantages:

  • Using a variety of simple and intuitive keyboard shortcuts to save huge hours of work
  • A wide range of editing and cleaning tools that allow you to draw even most complex items quickly and efficiently
  • Easy importing of files from other programs (AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc.)
  • Export files to various formats (dwg, dxf, skp, pdf and more)
  • Smart use of layer modes to build an organized display of work plans (View function)
  • Managing the drawing layers using a layer management window is easy and simple to operate
  • Inserting window and door openings using a dedicated function
  • Providing Hatch dimensions and fills in an associative manner that is updated simultaneously with changes in the drawing
  • Edit symbols without the need of “symbols explosion”
  • Smart symbols that allow you to set a different display per symbol and different scale in printing for 2D or 3D display
  • Easy and convenient editing of Polyline entities
  • A smart, user-friendly printing interface that also allows complex prints of items with  different scale on the same print sheet
  • (Ideal for editing drawings and municipalities permits)
  • Working with reference files, including self-reference file
  • Easy transition between two and three dimensions
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Ease of use and study, after two lessons can begin to draw
  • Designed for construction professionals, making it easier to use
  • The latest version reads, imports and exports DWG, DXF, SXP and more, which makes it simple to work with a wide variety of CAD programs available on the market.
  • Allows you to quickly create “views” for worksheets and to quickly update and modify the sheets
  • The production and editing of work plans is simple, adapted for work in accordance to government policies for the purpose of submitting plans. Most suitable and convenient for preparation and submission of building permits to the authorities, including sketch programs
  • The ability to easily extract quantities of symbols such as points, lighting, sanitary ware and furniture
  • You can add an unlimited amount of symbols libraries, materials, colors as needed
  • Scale to print more easily.
  • Preparing PLT files, PDF at the “push of a button”
  • Full compatibility with all types of printers and plotters available in the market (local and wireless printers)
  • Most convenient for working with photocopiers and creating tables and pens for printing easily
  • Integrate reference files into programs simply for quick and easy work, including opening and editing files
  • The program is protected by a user name and password only, allowing to work with one program in more than one station (not simultaneously)

DataCAD Local Team

The dedicated team of DataCAD is here for you and enjoys providing you with the best service 

Avner Matityahu
CEO DataCAD Israel

Avner Matityahu is an entrepreneur and businessman of various companies. He is the owner of DataCAD Israel has been the exclusive reseller in Israel for 20 years.

Shimi Dan
Support and create extensions

Shimi Dan is a veteran architect and works independently for various companies in the field of architecture. DataCAD support would not be the same without him.

Yasmin Parto

Yasmin Parto has a long record in sales and is active in the architecture field. She serves as a backbone of DataCAD Israel sales and supporting our customers.

What do people say about DataCAD?

Isaac Danon
Engineer, water consultant, sewage and cleaning

I use the Datacad program at my office and by recommendation was also installed at Nahariya Hospital. The software has been serving me for more than 20 years and is very simple to understand and operate

Dudi Moshe
See Carpentry Ltd.

I started working with Datacad about six months ago. The transition to the new software was very convenient. The software is very easy to operate, very friendly. The functions are very clear. Unlike other programs, it is an architectural drawing software, which makes work much more easier

Vered Blatman Cohen
Architect and designer Projects gallery site

Datacad has been with me ever since I established my office 20 years ago. As an office manager, I make sure to update my computers with latest versions that come out from time to time. It's easy to work with and very easy to acquire the necessary skill-set

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