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Architectural professionalism

DataCAD was developed in advance with the goal of being used by architects rather than as a secondary option! The software contains all the features an architect needs daily in his work

Support and Service

DataCAD Israel provides courses and support in Hebrew so you do not waste time searching the web for working with the software regularly

Ease of work

The software interface is built in a way that makes it easy to use and allows even the most professional user to immediately understand the software and take advantage of its features easily

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What do our customers say?

Isaac Danon
Engineer, water consultant, sewage and cleaning

I use the Datacad program at my office and by recommendation was also installed at Nahariya Hospital. The software has been serving me for more than 20 years and is very simple to understand and operate

Dudi Moshe
See Carpentry Ltd.

I started working with Datacad about six months ago. The transition to the new software was very convenient. The software is very easy to operate, very friendly. The functions are very clear. Unlike other programs, it is an architectural drawing software, which makes work much more easier

Vered Blatman Cohen
Architect and Designer
Projects Gallery Site

Datacad has been with me ever since I established my office 20 years ago. As an office manager, I make sure to update my computers with latest versions that come out from time to time. It's easy to work with and very easy to acquire the necessary skill-set ​

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